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Dissatisfied People

Audio here Septuagesima (within 70 days of Easter) Read: Exodus 17:1-7, Matthew 20:1-6

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Maundy Thursday, In Remembrance

Audio Here Most of us would wish at times to have a better memory. It would make things easier, we’d stay in contact better with people if we remembered them all, we’d recall all we’ve heard and all our tasks … Continue reading

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Circumcision and Name of Jesus, New Year’s Eve

Merry Christmas! On the eighth day of Christmas, we are given some cutting-edge theology: Baby Jesus was circumcised! Blood shed. Baby blood. The covenant was kept–just like it was with every male, Jewish child. When the eighth day rolls around, … Continue reading

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Palm and Passion: Celebration to Victory

Listen here It was the palm branches that made this day unique, and then again, it wasn’t. For centuries, the church has memorialized today, the first day of Holy Week, as Palm Sunday because of the palm branches and cloaks … Continue reading

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Jonah and Fishers of Men

Listen here: Jonah was a court prophet, with a nice cushy job advising the king. God had other plans. He wanted Jonah to go and preach to the Ninevites, the avowed enemies of Israel who were known for such … Continue reading

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Maundy Thursday

Exodus 12:1-14, 1 Cor. 11:23-32, John 13:1-17, 31-35 The night before God’s people left Egypt was a horrific and bloody night. Children, cattle, and lambs died. They died because Pharaoh’s heart was hard; because Adam and Eve had eaten the … Continue reading

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Blessed is He Who Comes Rejected

Lent 2C: Luke 13:31-35, Jer. 26:8-15, Phil. 3:17-4:1 If you listened closely to the appointed scripture readings for today, the 2nd Sunday in Lent, there is a line in each reading that intimately connects them together.  The prophet Jeremiah speaks … Continue reading

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Getting a Little Preachy

Epiphany 4C: Jeremiah 1:4-10, Luke 4:31-44 “Don’t preach to me,” we say when someone speaks definitively, especially if it doesn’t fit our preconceived notions.  Or when one speaks for a long period of time we say they are getting preachy. … Continue reading

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Epiphany: Following the Word

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. There has been all kinds of attempts to explain and tell about the Wise Men. Part of it is because it seems so unexplained. How did … Continue reading

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Freely Fed

Proper 27B: 1 Kings 17:8-16, Mark 12:38-44 The theme this morning seems to be widows. The widow at Zarephath with whom the prophet Elijah stayed. The widows whose houses were devoured by the religious scribes who made a big show … Continue reading

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