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Funeral for Matthew Reddeman

(Note: Matthew tragically took his life. This is posted for those who may need comfort during such a time as well.) (Note: This hymn on the side is the hymn referenced, listen to it sung by Lutheran youth at a … Continue reading

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The Lord’s, And There Is No Other

Midweek Lent 2: Isaiah 44:1-8 As Isaiah proclaimed these words there were other great matters to be concerned about for the people of Israel. The Assyrians were in the midst of overtaking the northern kingdom of Israel. These were not simply … Continue reading

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In Trouble He Will Comfort You

We all have those people in our lives who have done more for us than they ever will know or realize. There are certainly parents, family, and many people close to us who form us and provide for us. Then … Continue reading

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Pop Music – Louder Yet All the Same

Music is apart of nearly everyone’s life. Be it listened to on the radio (constantly or infrequently), in the ears with IPods or other devices, in the background of our favorite TV shows and movies, in children’s toys, in schools, … Continue reading

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Life After Confirmation

Tonight at our congregation was the questioning and examination of catechumens before they are confirmed. Now, many a time and effort has been spent by many Pastors and committees and probably somewhere along the line there was even a task … Continue reading

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Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns?

My brother-in-law sent me a book last year entitled “Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns.” It has quite a few interesting thoughts, many of which I think are spot on. These thoughts as well as things we had desired to do … Continue reading

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