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Absolved: Ash Wednesday

Below are two pictures. The first is from Portals of Prayer, a quarterly devotionals from CPH, which I was honored to write and provide devotions and prayers for February 2020. The 2nd is a medallion mentioned in our church floor … Continue reading

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Failure to Understand and See

Audio here Quinquagesima (within 50 days of Easter) Read Luke 18:31-43

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Seed Planted, Dies, and Rises

Audio here Sexagesima (within 60 days of Easter) Read: Luke 8:4-15, Isaiah 55:10-13

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Dissatisfied People

Audio here Septuagesima (within 70 days of Easter) Read: Exodus 17:1-7, Matthew 20:1-6

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Presentation & Purification; Transfiguration

Audio here It was a dual festival celebration, the Purification of Mary and Presentation of Jesus in the temple along with Transfiguration. Two Gospel texts were read for the day: Luke 2:22-40, Matthew 17:1-9

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