Vigil of Easter – This Easter Is For You!

Audio of this sermon may be found here.

If you have lived a good life, if you have served the Lord all your days, been faithful in all things and suffered for the Truth, then rejoice. This Easter victory is for you. If you are weary from the battle’s strain, of bearing a cross under fire, of the toll that this faith takes upon a man, rejoice. This Easter victory is for you. Even if you have not always lived a good life but came later to the faith, or if you’ve succumb to temptation and backslid, cursed and lied and stolen, betrayed your family and your friends, even if you’ve struggled with pride and vanity, lust and greed, but still retained, by grace, the faith so that his night you seek Jesus, then rejoice. Do not be in doubt. God is good and this Easter victory is for you.

And even if you have lived a terrible life and done shameful things, and only just now have repented and longed to see the Crucified One, do not be afraid. For the rest in the tomb of Jesus’ death gives rest to all no matter how bad or rotten or wrong they have been. He died for all. He would have even taken Judas back if Judas had repented and believed. Joy to the world, the Lord is come, God and man reconciled. He pays the wages of His love to all who believe in Him. He redeems the wickedness of earth and reconciles the world to Himself, and He rejoices with the holy angels who sing God’s praise for each sinner that repents. 

This Easter victory is for you.

Let all rejoice in the goodness and generosity of the Lord. The good and the bad, the greatest and the least, the rich and the poor, the life-long members and the newly converted. Let all rejoice and receive the reward of Jesus’ death and resurrection, of His perfect live and substitution, of His wonderful mercy and grace beyond all telling. 

Let all be glad today. The table is set. There is nothing more to do, nothing more to add, nothing more to believe for Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. He has welcomed you not just as His guest, but as His precious and beloved Child in whom He is well-pleased. 

Let none go forth hungry for righteousness. Let none feel inferior or weak or second-class. Do not doubt your place at the Lord’s table. Enjoy the feast of faith and receive the riches of His grace.

The seal of the grave is broken and the morning of the new creation breaks forth out of night. Darkness is dispelled. Slaves are redeemed. Wickedness takes to flight. Sin is washed away. Innocence is restored. For man is reconciled to God in Christ.

So do not weep for your sins: forgiveness has dawned from the tomb. Do not fear death: the death of the Savior has set you free. He has defeated death. It is no more. It is destroyed. He has captured Hell. He has abolished its cruel justice and mocked every one of its claims. He gave them His Body. He drained the Cup of Wrath. And Death could not keep a hold on Him. Its belly burst and spit Him upon our shores so that life is brought to light. Death is dead. Hell is conquered. Jesus lives. And the victory is for you.

Christ is risen, and Satan is cast down.

Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen.

Christ is risen, and the angels rejoice.

Christ is risen, and Life lives and flourishes.

Christ is risen, and there are none dead left in the tombs.

Christ is risen, and so too shall you rise. 

This Easter victory is your and your day will come. You grave will be as empty as His. So do not be afraid. Do not be sad. Rejoice. Your sins are forgiven, all that is to be feared has been conquered. This Easter victory is for you.

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