Oct 31 in Nevada: Halloween/Reformation/Nevada Day

Ah, October 31st. Such a unique day living in Nevada, especially its capital, Carson City.

For most around the country today is recognized as Halloween. And that’s true in Nevada too. The governor’s mansion and many other homes and businesses are fully decorated.

For Lutherans it is also Reformation Day. While certainly a great day to commemorate, like All Hallows’ Eve, great in that it points to Christ. (Here are 5.75 Reasons it’s good to be Lutheran on Reformation: http://wp.me/p1LfVX-Id)

Since moving to Nevada I have been introduced to another greatness of this day, Nevada Day. I know of no other state that fully celebrates its statehood like Nevada. An official holiday, school’s closed, many businesses closed. A grand parade in Carson City on Saturday morning that closes half the town.

Thanks be God for the Lord’s gifts in Christ as we rejoice with all the saints, and for Nevada thanks for the Lord’s gifts in daily bread as we celebrate our statehood.

So, a blessed Halloween/Reformation/Nevada Day.

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